So, why in the midst of a multitude of other voices am I adding mine?

Since everyone is on their own journey and experiences life differently than any other person on earth, my hope is that I can find a few things to share out of my own unique walk that might benefit someone else.

I am aware that everything I write comes from my own particular view of life, with all my biases, assumptions, expectations, and privileged. As such, I’m sure I will get plenty wrong, but my hope is that those mistakes only create opportunities for dialogues with others which will help us both to grow.

I love a good story, so that is where I’ll most likely draw from for most of my posts. I’m glad to live when I do, if only because of the number of vehicles through which stories can now be told. We have Speech, Writing, Theater, Videos, Games, and now even Virtual Reality. And each of those has any number of derivations, all with unique and powerful ways to tell a story.

We all have much to learn, so I hope you’ll come along for the ride. You can do that by subscribing here, on Facebook, or on Twitter.

I hope to see you again!